Learning in America

Family Commitment Contracts

The Ultimate Motivational Tool For Students

Did you know?  Every 20 seconds, a student drops out of school.

In a world full of distractions, many families are now spending less quality time together.  Our teachers are often overworked and under-resourced. Consider the reality of single-parent households and the natural stresses of life and the distractions become endless.

The Key to Student Success

Parental involvement is the key  to a student’s academic success.  Many parents, however, struggle with knowing how and when to get involved.  What’s the answer?  How can engagement be both simple and effective?

Getting Involved and Staying Involved

Family Commitment Contracts are powerful tools for any parenting or teaching arsenal.  Whether a student uses them at home or school, they build a solid foundation by showing students nothing is as important as their education.  Because of this, parents and teachers see self-esteem soar to new heights, driving student’s to work harder and smarter.

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