Family Commitment Contracts

Strengthening our nation, one child at a time.

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family commitment contracts for students

Establish Accountability

Use the Family Commitment Contract to hold your student accountable.  If your student struggles to maintain focus, use the contract to help motivate them to get back on track.  Be sure to celebrate their successes!

Created in the City Beautiful, Orlando

The Family Commitment Contracts were originally created in the beautiful city of Orlando, Fl.  They may be printed as is or completely customized.  Take the time to customize and inspire them with a one-of-a-kind contract!

Create An Academic “Time Vault”

A student will only be a student for so long.  Treasure these moments by storing their contracts, report cards, pictures and other mementos in an ordinary binder.  One day,  you’ll have an academic time vault that you will treasure forever!

Family Commitment Contracts

children have a natural, internal desire to learn, thrive and succeed.  They also like having their say in the commitments they set out to achieve.  By customizing a contract with a student, you will guide them and be able to add your input as well.  More importantly, the student will take ownership and learn the value of setting personal commitments and accomplishing goals.  These skills will benefit them for life!

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Strengthening our nation, one child at a time!

Choose between the Standard or Customized Family Commitment Contracts.

Our contracts engage parents, students and teachers across the nation in creating a community where learning is key and opportunities are endless.

Inspire your student to set and achieve goals with a Family Commitment Contract like no other.

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At Learning In America, our mission is to strengthen our nation by motivating and inspiring our nations’ children as they journey from Kindergarten to High School graduation.  Children are our future and, with our Family Commitment Contracts, we’re strengthening families, schools and communities one child at a time.

Customizable Contracts that Motivate & Inspire

The Family Commitment Contracts are a simple, yet revolutionary tool.  Some prefer the contracts “as is” with the standard images and commitments.  Most parents and teachers, however, will customize the contract with the student by changing some, or all, of the commitments and letting the student add their own pictures.